What does it mean to be financially literate? by Chantay Moore

We at the Native Learning Center would like to thank Chantay Moore for providing these monthly posts during Financial Literacy Month!
What does it mean to be financially literate? by Chantay Moore
As we near the end of April which is Financial Literacy Awareness Month, I wanted to take a moment to just define, what does it mean to be financially literate? Financial literacy is simply knowing how money works. For example, you understand concepts like the Rule of 72, how to build wealth by compound interest, you understand how taxes affect your money and other things like the importance of having adequate life insurance. And if you don’t know about any of these things just yet, don’t beat yourself up and definitely don’t worry because we can change that starting now!
The first step in becoming financially literate is taking ownership of the need to become properly educated about how money works. We really don’t know what we don’t know. A book I highly recommend you start reading is ‘How Money Works: Stop Being A Sucker’ by Steve Siebold and Tom Mathews. This book is so easy even a pre-teen can read and understand it. You can also visit my website: https://howmoneyworks.com/chantaywmoore and take the How Money Work Challenge. Test your knowledge and see if there are some things you might want to learn about. Otherwise, our company has webinar recordings that we’d be happy to share with you on various financial topics and you can view them here: https://www.nafls.com/aprilflam2020/. I also encourage you to engage in working with a licensed financial professional, who can give you professional financial guidance and can work out a financial strategy customized to your financial goals and fully educate you about all of your options. We’d be happy to be a resource and help you by offering you to schedule a complimentary phone call to speak with one of our licensed financial professionals to get you on track: https://www.nafls.com/financial-advising-services/
Want to see if this strategy makes sense for you, talk to one of our licensed financial professionals: https://www.nafls.com/financial-advising-services/
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