Partner Announcement: Oweesta Corporation and UBS Launch Native CDFI Small Business Support Program


Oweesta Corporation and UBS
Launch Native CDFI
Small Business Support Program

Oweesta is excited to announce the launch of the Native CDFI Small Business Support Program, with support from UBS! This re-grant program is designed to support Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) providing technical assistance to small businesses struggling with COVID-19.

The Native CDFI movement is leading the COVID-19 response to capital needs in Native communities. In most cases, Native CDFIs were established to be the economic development engines of their communities, with 79% of Native CDFI lenders provide microenterprise and small business lending. Native CDFIs have rapidly mobilized to provide much needed technical assistance to the small businesses in their communities.

To help Native CDFIs meet this increased demand for small business technical assistance, Oweesta will provide 15 Native CDFIs $7,500 grants to support operational capacity building efforts for their loan clientele and small business community through funding provided by UBS. Native CDFIs interested in these grant funds will need to fill out a brief application and, at the close of the reporting period, will only need to provide a short report on how they used the funding to provide technical assistance to small businesses. Native CDFIs of all stages and sizes are encouraged to apply. Applications for this program are due October 23.

You can submit your application HERE. If you have trouble, please contact and include your name, your Organization Name, and that you are interested in completing the Native CDFI Small Business Support program application.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Heather Rademacher Taylor, Director of Programs, at


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