From our Partners at Heroda Bikax^e Consulting LLC dba Morning Star Consulting

From our Partners at Heroda Bikax^e Consulting LLC dba Morning Star Consulting:

Last week, Congress passed a combined FY 2021 Appropriations and updated COVID relief package, which includes $800 million in new funding for tribes to provide rental assistance to its members.

Congress has included the $100M Competitive grant funding for another year. It has also provided a small increase to the formula IHBG (+$1 million) and restored the Tribal HUD-VASH program to $5 million.

Under the COVID relief provisions, Tribes and TDHEs will also receive $800 million to provide rental assistance during 2021. Tribal programs will be able to provide rental and utility assistance including any back payments that eligible households may still owe.

The bill also extends the deadline for tribal governments to spend their CARES CRF monies through the end of 2021.

Finally, two tribal housing bills were also included in the final package. The bill includes the Tribal Access to Homeless Assistance Act provisions that allow tribes and TDHEs to participate directly in the Continuum of Care program at HUD. Tribes will be able to apply for homeless assistance funds directly. It also includes language that allows HUD to provide its Section 184 loan guarantees prior to receiving final documents from the BIA, which has often caused delays in approving mortgages on tribal lands.

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