HUD ONAP Free Webinar: Module I: IHBG CARES Introduction and Overview

Greetings from HUD’s Southwest Office of Native American Programs,


Please see the attached information about the April 1 free webinar: Module 1 IHBG CARES Introduction & Overview: Download here


We hope you will share this information with your colleagues in Indian Country. 


For more info. about SWONAP,


HUD’s Office of Native American Programs in conjunction with FirstPic is hosting the first of a series of webinars focused on IHBG CARES.  The first webinar will provide an introduction to the IHBG CARES Act.  The webinar will take place April 1, 2021 from 1-2:30pm, eastern.  A link to register for the event is below.

I do not believe we will reach capacity for the event, however we are asking you to register if you plan on attending the session.


Once you register, we will send out information on how to access the webinar.

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