REMINDER: Preparing for the HUD Comprehensive Housing Counseling Notice of Funding Opportunity

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REMINDER: Preparing for the HUD Comprehensive Housing Counseling Notice of Funding Opportunity

Housing Counseling System:

Potential applicants of the HUD Comprehensive Housing Counseling Notice of Funding Opportunity (CHC NOFO) are encouraged to ensure that their housing counseling agencies follow all program requirements, including timely and accurate HUD-9902 reporting and validation of Housing Counseling System (HCS) profiles.

All participating housing counseling agencies are required to submit their HUD-9902 report quarterly. For more information on the HUD-9902 report, please review the 9902 Online Toolkit.

Validation of the HCS profile is required at least once every 90 days. For ease of communication, please ensure all contact information, such as current address, staff contact information, and Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number, is current. See the HCS section of the HUD Exchange page for details on how to properly validate data in HCS.

Agencies interested in applying for the CHC NOFO are encouraged to reach out to their HUD Point of Contact if additional assistance is needed.

Potential applicants must be registered in to apply electronically. The registration process can take between three to five business days or longer if all steps are not completed in a timely manner. New applicants should review the resource Registering an Organization for more information.

Applicants that have previously completed the registration process must renew or update their registration at the SAM Homepage. If an agency’s registration has expired, the SAM profile can no longer be accessed using the DUNS number and Taxpayer Identification Number. Contact the Federal Service Desk or call 866-606-8220 for assistance.

Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement:

Potential applicants with expiring or expired Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements (NICRA), with HUD Office of Housing Counseling being the cognizant agency, will need to apply for a new NICRA. Visit the Department of the Interior (DOI) Indirect Cost Services Website for information on what must be included in the NICRA proposal. Agencies are encouraged to use the Proposal Templates to facilitate proper submission and avoid any unnecessary delays. DOI will review and approve a NICRA on behalf of OHC.

To submit a NICRA proposal, send a completed package to and copy the agency’s OHC Point of Contact. Include the term “NICRA Proposal Submission” and the name of the agency in the subject line. Upon submission of the completed package, DOI will send an email confirmation to the agency and follow up with additional requests, if necessary.

Please refer any questions to your HUD Point of Contact (POC) or email:

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