Partner Message: You’re Invited – $ummer Learning $eries

I am very excited to announce this first-ever $ummer Learning $eries!

As you may or may not know, I teach tons of free financial literacy workshops. And my audiences range from youth to seniors, to everyone in between. To folks who are just getting started, to those who are experienced investors, to those just wanting to make wise and strategic financial decisions. Well, I’ve taken the top three topics that I get asked the most questions on over and over and am doing special webinar sessions to specifically teach on those topics, more in-depth, and allow time to answer and discuss different “What If?” scenarios. So I’m inviting you to join me live if you can, otherwise, if you register, I’ll send you the recording afterward, BUT only if you register. See you soon!

July 8th-  All about Trusts

We’ll talk about what are trusts, how do you know if you need one, how do you establish them, and why you may want to use this legal tool to protect your assets. Register HERE

July 13th- Investing in the Stock Market

I get asked all the time “How should I invest my money?” And there is NO one-size-fits-all answer but I CAN teach you what investment accounts are available to you, what investments you can consider to go inside those accounts, and overall how to approach investing in the stock market. Register HERE

July 19th- Planning for My Retirement

I am often asked, “What can I do now to make sure I have enough money for retirement?” And then I also get asked, “I plan to retire very soon, what do I do with the money I’ve saved?” We’ll touch on some very important decisions you will have to make BEFORE pulling that trigger. Register HERE



Please note, all sessions will be over Zoom starting promptly at 6 pm CST, and are expected to last for 2 hours.

To Your Financial $uccess,

Certified Financial Educator

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