As we enter summer – and the hottest period of the year – we are reminded of the dangers from exposure to extreme heat. The Office of Native American Pro-grams (ONAP) is here to support you as you work to keep your Tribal community members safe, especially those who are more susceptible to heat-related illness such as Tribal elders.
In your efforts to encourage your Tribal community to take extra precautions and reduce the risk of heat exposure, you may find the following resources useful:
PHA Disaster Readiness and Preparation Guide. This guide, which was drafted by the Office of Public and Indian Housing, includes information that can be helpful when drafting emergency and disaster response plans, including extreme heat.
National Weather Service. This website includes information related to extreme heat.
Federal Management Emergency Agency. This website will direct you to local resources in your area.
Please reach out to your Area ONAP office with any questions or as a resource in ways we can keep Indian Country supported during periods of extreme weather.
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