August $ummer Learning $eries Workshops

With the success of the July $ummer Learning $eries workshops with Certified Financial Educator, Chantay Moore, MBA, it made sense to offer more sessions in August!

One of the most common question ask of Ms. Moore is “Where can I invest my money and grow it?” and her usual answer is, “It depends”. She answers that way because unless she sits down and speaks to the individual one-on-one to know their financial situation, as a Fiduciary, only then is it appropriate for her to offer recommendations or give advice.

In each session Ms. Moore will present a unique financial strategy that MIGHT make sense for an individual to consider implementing. These are common strategies that SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES and that are great options for most folks to use when building wealth.

Once Ms. Moore presents the strategies, then YOU can decide if it’s something that makes sense for you and we you can go from there. Ms. Moore invites you to join her live to learn about these unique solutions, and ask questions for yourself. If she can help you implement them, great! If not, at a minimum, you’ll walk away with more knowledge than the average “investor”. And A recording will be sent to participants who register but cannot attend the live session.

August 18th- Unit Investment Trusts Ms. Moore considers UITs the “Uber” of the stock market. UITs are an optimal investment tool for those who want significant opportunities to grow their money using a disciplined and quantitative strategy that is transparent and low-cost. UITs are offered only to consumers through a financial advisor, so this is nothing you can “Google” and invest in directly on your own. She will also compare UITs vs. investing in individual stocks and mutual funds. Join her to learn about this amazing tool in the investment spectrum. Register HERE

August 23rd- Index Universal Life Insurance Ms. Moore considers IULs the Swiss Army Knife of Financial Strategies. From tax-free income to long-term care protection, IULs are a multi-faceted tool that can address many financial needs. Yes, this is life insurance…first. However, this type of permanent life insurance has the opportunity to grow cash value as the stock market goes up, yet, you will never lose money if the market drops. Available cash value can be accessed at any age, without penalty, and for any purpose. As this is a widely known strategy, her goal is to dispel any misunderstandings about how IULs work AND she will compare the pros and cons of using this strategy as opposed to directly investing in the stock market. Register HERE

To Your Financial $uccess,

Ms. Chantay Moore

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