The FCC’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy Invites Comment on E-Rate Program

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will consider at its next meeting on Sept. 30 a proposed draft to change to language for the definition of the word library so that tribal libraries are included for eligibility for E-Rate universal support.

Currently, some tribal libraries have been shut off from E-Rate support because they didn’t meet the technical definition of a library in the Commission’s rules.

The draft also is seeking to receive comment on other ways the Commission can ensure Tribal access to the E-Rate program which provides around $3 billion annually to eligible K-12 schools and libraries for internet connections, telecommunication services, and related equipment.

Any interested stakeholders are invited to submit comments about the draft proposal prior to the open meeting. Stakeholders will also have a second opportunity to provide comment on the final proposal once the Notice is adopted and published in the Federal Register.

Any questions regarding the Tribal Engagement Obligation can be directed to Senior Legal Advisor in the Office of Native Affairs and Policy, Janet Sievert, at (202)418-1362 or

USAC’s official announcement can be found here.

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