Create Your Own Internal Controls Workshop – November 19, 2021

Course Description:

The focus of the webinars: is (1) the analysis of federal regulations within 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance; (2) the best practices needed to develop Internal Controls as well as Policies and Procedures that are required and/or recommended for recipients of federal funding; and (3) a look at some sample policies. The webinars will also provide valuable information on how to increase compliance and operational efficiency while reducing the risks associated with financial waste, real and potential fraud, and abuse for better performance.

The focus the workshop is to assist the attendee(s) in the development of Internal Controls and the some of the Policies and Procedures needed for their organization.

Attendees of NLC training sessions are advised to consult with their organizational leadership and/or advisors as appropriate when using the information presented during any of the NLC training sessions. Because circumstances differ, local and tribal laws vary, and periodic changes are made to federal requirements, additional advice should be sought whenever using any training information regardless of its source.

Training Objectives:

  • Create Your Own Internal Controls and Develop a Policy using a Template

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