Tribal HUD-VASH NOFO: Application Deadline Reminder, Extension and NOFO Amendment

The Tribal HUD-VA Supportive Housing program funding opportunity is available on, and applications are due on 1/24. The funding opportunity is for rental assistance and administrative expenses, to support housing and supportive services for Native American Veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. A variety of resources related to the funding opportunity are available on the HUD Office of Native American Programs Tribal HUD-VASH website, including the training slides and the training recordings, a Sample Implementation Schedule, and a Sample VA Letter of Support. Frequently Asked Questions and the updated NOFO will be posted to Codetalk soon, and are attached.

Please note that the NOFO was recently amended on 12/23/21 to reflect that the definition of Veteran for purposes of Tribal HUD-VASH eligibility has changed. Due to this change, the application due date was extended from 1/18/22 to 1/24/22. Applicants that are signed up for updates on this NOFO through have already been informed of this change. The amendment is further explained in the Frequently Asked Questions.


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