Grantsmanship Center – Meet the Grantmakers-Online Panel

The Grantsmanship Center is hosting a  Meet the Grantmakers-Online! panel on April 13, 2022. Please see link. These events are free!

General information about the panels: The Grantsmanship Center began offering these national, Meet the Grantmakers-Online! events July 2020 for free, as a public service. Their purpose is to show the humanity in the process—the people behind the power of grantmaking. These are warm and interesting conversations among grantmakers from across the U.S. to help grantseekers understand that most grantmakers are people who are also passionate about making a better world. Seeing and hearing these leaders in conversation helps to make the grant process more inviting, accessible, and understandable.

The Grantsmanship Center invite panelists who demonstrate the varied and rich landscape of philanthropy. The conversation is guided by Angela Richardson, senior trainer, a masterful moderator who puts all at ease. Along with Angela, each panel is comprised of three grantmakers who represent a range of viewpoints with variety in their type of foundation/agency, geographic location, size, funding focus. The panelists are also personally diverse regarding gender, ethnicity, age, etc.

When The Grantsmanship Center debuted the Grantsmanship Training Program in 1972, it was the first and only grant development training in the world. This training has earned its place in history as ‘the gold standard’ with more than 145,000 alumni from thousands of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and Native American groups. Continually updated, this training is not only the original but also the most comprehensive and innovative. The Grantsmanship Center remains the acknowledged leader in the field for delivering cutting-edge, quality grants training for social advocates who want to secure grant funding to improve their communities.

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