Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Native Learning Center?

The Native Learning Center (NLC) is a model activity program of the Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF) a recipient of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act of 1996 (NAHASDA) Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG). The NLC provides free training and technical assistance to Native Americans, which address the NAHASDA essentials to Tribal members and communities.

The NLC develops curriculum and delivers training that supports the primary objectives of NAHASDA and EWONAP’s mission of promoting the development of Native housing and housing related activities. The NLC provides participants with best practices curriculum that can be shared with their Tribal communities.

What types of training does the Native Learning Center provide?

The NLC provides trainings that support the primary objectives of NAHASDA, which include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting affordable housing activities to develop, maintain, and operate affordable housing in safe and healthy Native communities;
  • Ensuring better access to private mortgages for Native American Tribes and their Tribal members
  • Promoting self-sufficiency of Native American Tribes and their Tribal members
  • Coordinating activities to further economic and community development for Native American Tribes and their Tribal members
  • Promoting development of private capital markets in Indian Country and allow such markets to operate and grow.

Visit the Training section of our website to learn more about the upcoming trainings that the NLC is providing.

How much does it cost to attend Native Learning Center training?

All of the NLC’s Trainings, Webinars, and Technical Assistance are Tuition FREE. Travel accommodations to NLC trainings are the responsibility of the attendee.

How can I get in touch with the Native Learning Center?

The NLC can be contacted via phone, fax, and email. Visit the Contact Us section of the website for all contact information.

What makes the Native Learning Center Training different?

The Native Learning Center develops curriculum that achieves the primary objectives of NAHASDA, making it a leading recognized training resource program for Native Americans. Our free trainings and technical assistance are constantly updated to remain responsive to NAHASDA adapting to our attendees based upon training feedback. The NLC was established in October 2008, as a program of the Seminole Tribe of Florida Housing Department, in cooperation with the Housing and Urban Development Office, Eastern Woodlands Office of Native American Programs (EWONAP), and various Native American trainers throughout Indian Country. As a Model Activities [NAHASDA 202(6)] Program the NLC developed areas of concentration to complement current national Indian organizations that support EWONAP’s mission of promoting the development of Indian Housing and housing related activities.

Specifically, the NLC was designed to offer tuition free Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) to Native Americans and Indigenous people with an emphasis on the educational needs of tribal members and their communities. The NLC’s learning opportunities and resources focus on areas that are critical to the growth and improvement of quality of life for Native communities, and provide participants with the ability to walk away with learned skills that they will be able to share with their communities.

The NLC’s unique and culturally specific trainings and technical assistance cover topics pertaining to NAHASDA and the Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG), as well as financial and fiscal management, personal financial planning, small business education, economic development, housing strategies, sustainable development, cultural preservation, and grants management, to name a few.

Overall, the mission of the NLC is established to provide Native and Indigenous people with knowledge and skills that improve quality of life through housing related educational programs. The Vision of the Native Learning Center is to be the recognized educational resource for the development of cultural and quality of life skills for all Native and Indigenous people.

When and where is the Native Learning Center going to have another training?

Please visit our Trainings page in order to stay informed about our training calendar or become part of our mailing list by submitting your information in our Contact us form. We look forward to your visit and encourage you to check back regularly for updates in the schedule.

How do I get more information about grant opportunities and resources?

Because researching grant-funding opportunities can be time consuming, we have developed a  Grant Opportunity hub where Tribal communities can view the most current grant opportunities from Government Agencies, Private Foundations, and other funders.

Once your organization is ready to embark in the grant application process visit NLC’s online environment for learning to view recorded webinars that include but not limited to the “Fundamentals of Grant Writing” and “Navigating and Other Online Grant Opportunity Portals”.

If I’m unable to attend an on-site training session, is there another way I can receive training or assistance?

The NLC offers web-based training, primarily delivered via webinars, that learners can access live or on-demand. Accessing Kerretv Webinars (Key-thee-duh, Creek word for “Learning”), our online learning environment, is easy and free. Live Webinars are available at least 4 times per month. We are able to provide valuable information on topics such as In addition to our Webinars, we are currently in the process of developing our delivery of trainings through technologies such as online video streaming, DVDs, and e-learning courses. As these methods become available more information will be posted to our website. To access live webinars, be sure to visit our website for upcoming trainings as well as sign up for the mailing list so you can receive emails regarding upcoming webinars. Kerretv Webinars also houses additional resources and presentation materials provided by our instructors which can be easily downloaded. This delivery method is ideal for people with limited time and/or prefer to work at their own pace. Visit to learn more.

How can I get updates on the Native Learning Center Trainings?

You should visit the Native Learning Center Contact Us page and complete the form letting the NLC know that you would like to be part of the NLC mailing list.

You are also able to connect with the NLC and its trainings by following us on FacebookLinkedinTwitterInstagram.

How can my Tribal community receive NAHASDA related training/technical assistance?

In addition to providing educational resources, the Native Learning Center (NLC) also offers technical assistance. Our Technical Assistance Program provides direct support to Native Americans and tribal communities. If you are interested in utilizing the NLC’s Technical Assistance Program, please contact call the NLC or complete a request using our Contact Us form.

Who does the Native Learning Center Serve?

As a Model Activities [NAHASDA 202(6)] program, that provides housing-related training and technical services, the Native Learning Center create’s quality training and technical assistance services available to all Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and qualified NAHASDA recipients. All NLC trainings support the primary objectives of NAHASDA. The NLC encourages Native housing professionals, Tribal communities, and Tribal households throughout the United States to participate in and benefit from the resources offered by the Native Learning Center. Moreover, the NLC provides onsite and online, tuition free training opportunities to all Tribes, TDHEs, and qualified NAHASDA recipients. The level of training assistance will vary depending on the needs of the NAHASDA recipient(s).

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