“Tapping underused energy resources and stabilizing energy costs, while also confronting climate change, are exactly what our South Florida communities need. I’m proud that the Seminole Tribe will be on the leading-edge of this vital solar mission in the Sunshine State,”

The Seminole Tribe of Florida will install approximately 475 kW of solar PV and approximately 1,810 kWh of battery storage on its rural Reservation of Brighton to power four essential facilities, including the Brighton Health Clinic, Brighton Administration Building, Brighton Public Safety Building, and the Brighton Veterans Building. In addition to providing resilience, these solar micro-grids are estimated to save the Tribe over $3.7 million over the life of the systems.

U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hello Georgette & Kyle, really nice website.  One of the best resource portals of Government or Native-related sites.  I am glad you prioritized your home page as you did with no need to do the “click” hunt to find notices and training.  It is hard to find well-done websites, very nicely done.

Lyle Dorr, MA LPC
Grant Writer | Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

Yesterday I attended the Native Sacred Healing Symposium at the Seminole Tribe Native Learning Center in Hollywood, Florida.

I was there to see my client from Nebraska, Deborah Gilg, former US Attorney & keynote speaker, deliver a very impactful and passionate presentation about the history, progress, and current status of the bills and efforts submitted to our policy makers in Washington to right the massive wrongs that continue to exist against Native American Women.

It was a truly eye-opening experience for me. The survivor stories were heart-wrenching, the speakers each had a specific focus. Deb gave an informative presentation full of data and a summary of her personal efforts to spark positive action in our Senate, which is currently stalled on several issues.

This is a subject worthy of your attention. It’s unimaginable to me that these views and conditions still exist today in our country – serving only to dampen any hope these women strive to have toward empowering themselves. I had no idea how prevalent or widespread this problem is – even today. I’m glad to be enlightened.

Deb is a powerfully impressive speaker who was well-received by the attendees. I am fortunate to have had this opportunity to see her in person and learn so much.

Debbie Wemyss

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you all for your contribution to another successful event.  I have been hearing positive responses from participants and it is all because of you sharing your expertise and knowledge with group.

Needless to say it was a very challenging year with having to move the event a week and the logistics of everyone’s travel and business schedules plus summer in Maine being very busy but we got it done.  Except for a few losses in trainers and participants it was still, nonetheless, a successful event.  I hope that next year you might find sometime new and useful to bring to the group and join us again.

So, on behalf of all participants and myself many woli wonis, again.  I hope the rest of your years goes well.

Beau “Rich” Mitch

Mr. Vince Franco, Compliance & Resource Development Director for the Native Learning Center (NLC) has been an excellent resource for Native American communities that want to leverage existing capabilities and financial assets to become self-sufficient and provide non-profit and economic development opportunities for their community members.   For over 6 years, Mr. Franco has assisted the Navajo Nation with non-profit development, board training, strategic planning and grant development workshops for numerous Navajo Chapters and programs located in rural communities.  Recently, Diné Community Development Corporation (DCDC) obtain its 501 (c)(3) status after it initially received excellent technical assistance from Mr. Franco on developing its articles, bylaws and policies; as a direct result, the DCDC is ready to assist the Navajo Nation with various business and community development projects that will address its high unemployment rate and lack of funding. Many thanks to Mr. Franco and NLC.

Lorenzo J. Begay, PhD
CEO | Tselani Professional Business Consulting Services, LLC

As a senior executive with several operating business enterprises that are currently working to assist Indigenous Communities in developing their economies, improving education, and creating the futures that they desire, I appreciate and value the Seminole Tribe’s NLC and the Kerretv Online learning environment. I have attended several webinar sessions and learned a great deal to help me learn, better serve, and work with the Indigenous Nations that we partner with in business and education. The webinars that I’ve attended are well presented and conducted by respected and highly qualified specialists in their fields. A number of features create a well-rounded learning experience – real-time interaction with the presenter; downloadable PowerPoint presentations that contain valuable links to online information, organizations, and many other resources; a list of attendees for further connections and discussions; and more. And even if you miss a session, access is provided online for viewing the presentation materials for all past sessions whenever you choose. Though the stated goals of Kerretv Online focus on Native housing and related issues, I consider Kerretv Online an efficient and effective resource for many other topics that benefit Indigenous people and communities here in the US. However, the format creates a versatile and practical resource for information and learning that can used not only in Indian Country in the US, but eventually everywhere around the world where Indigenous People are striving to create the societies and cultures that they envision now and for the coming generations. Thanks again for creating Kerretv Online. I look forward to future sessions.

Steve Pappajohn
Owner, President at GeoTrends, Inc

Greetings from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I wanted to send a smoke signal to you all and wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for a great conference. I have met many good people while being at the conference. I have had some friends call me and ask about the conference. They said we have seen your name in the computer and this conference and wanted some information about our presentation, The Blood of Our Ancestors is Getting Thinner, so I told them about the great conference. Once again, thank you all. Wopila Yealo, meaning a big thank you in our language.

Bryant High Horse
(Rosebud Lakota Tribe)

It was really great meeting you this week and thank you for all your assistance. You guys do a super job at the NLC. Thanks again for you and the staff’s work. I was impressed with what I observed the short time I could attend.

Ron Gurley
(Cherokee), FirstPic, Inc.

I have attended several Native Learning Center events, and have been privileged to meet and network with many Native participants. I always learn new things and come away with materials and info that will help my community and our citizens across Indian country.

Cheryl Causley
Former Chairwoman, NAIHC
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