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As a Model Activities [NAHASDA 202(6)] program, that provides housing-related training and technical services, the Native Learning Center creates quality training and technical assistance services available to all Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and qualified NAHASDA recipients. All NLC trainings support the primary objectives of NAHASDA. The NLC encourages Native housing professionals, Tribal communities, and Tribal households throughout the United States to participate in and benefit from the resources offered by the Native Learning Center. Moreover, the NLC provides onsite and online, tuition free training opportunities to all Tribes, TDHEs, and qualified NAHASDA recipients. The level of training assistance will vary depending on the needs of the NAHASDA recipient(s).

The NLC has served the following Tribes within Training and Technical Assistance:

If your Tribe is interested in utilizing the NLC for Training & Technical Assistance, please contact at 954-985-2315 where you will be connected to an NLC staff member; or submit your request online using our contact us form.

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