What resources do you need to do your job better or to boost your TDHE/Tribal Housing Department’s performance? The answer varies widely, depending on the challenge at hand. You may need an immediate, focused solution to a specific problem, and a sample document may be the answer. The Native Learning Center’s collection of resources draws heavily on the broad experience and deep knowledge of the Indian Housing community to deliver meaningful perspectives and practical answers. The links below provide samples, templates and best practice information.   The Native Learning Center provides these resources for TDHE and Tribal Housing Departments benefit and is not responsible for the content.

A & O Model Policy Kistler 2017

Admissions Occupancy Manual

Asset Building for Native Communities

CDFIs: Native Capital Access

Center for American Indian Economic Development

Centralized website for federal grant opportunities

Environmental Resources

Explore U.S. Federal Agency Resources for Native Americans

Federal Register Today

Grants Available to Tribes on Health Issues

Government Information by Topic

HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities

HUD’s PIH Notices to Tribes and TDHEs

HUD Procurement Policy

HUD Section 184 Financing for Tribes

Income Calculator

Income Calculator Example

Indian Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.

Invitation for Bids form

Grant Monitoring Mini-Guide

Multi-agency Infrastructure Task Force in Indian Country

Native American Contractors Association

National American Indian Housing Council

National Congress of American Indians

National Resource Database for Tribal Water System Operators

Native Community Finance

Procurement Checklists Contract Forms Etc Handbook

Procurement Policy

Resources Available to Tribes on Health Issues

Sample Bid Language Guide

Self Monitoring Procurement Contract Admin

 Southern California Indian Center

Southwestern States Inter Tribal Councils and Indian Chambers of Commerce

Suggested A O File Organization

Technical Guide Calculating Income HUD

VA Loan Calculator and Resources

General Information

5 Native American Funding Facts

Business Resources for Native American Entrepreneurs

How reservation land is owned by individuals

Native Americans and Sales Taxes

Small Business Financing for Native Americans

What is a Land Lease Fee?

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